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December 21st 1999
Extra!! - Season 3 UK air date

Just in from SciFi via Pat:
"Season 3 begins on Sunday, 6th February at 10:00, with repeats on Thursdays at Midnight."

SFX Magazine Lexx Giveaway

The follwing was posted on the Lexx Billbored some time ago so I thought I would pass it on to my readers:

SFX magazine the Uk's biggest selling sci fi magazine is giving away lexx signed postcards on the front cover of SFX.

The postcards are exclusive to SFX and 50 signed cards will be hidden inside 50,000 issues. On sale Jan 21 2000.

Please pass on to other Lexx Fans

Leeds Lexxmeet update

This is now due to start at 20:30 at the Duck and Drake Pub in Leeds on Sat 8th January. For futher information or directions, see here.

November 30th 1999
Leeds Lexx Meet

I've just heard news that a Leeds Lexx meet is being planned for sometime in December. For more details see the UK Leeds Lexxmeet topic on the Lexx Billbored

November 29th 1999
Official Lexx Fanclub

There is now an official Lexx Fan Club! For details contact the founders Emerald and Pat at lexxfanclub@yahoo.com. You can read a copy of Pat's mailing about it here. There is also a copy of this information available at Pat's own Lexx Zone
(Updated 30/11/99)

Official Eva Habermann website

Eva Habermann now has her own website at http://www.eva-habermann.de.

November 23rd 1999
Series 3 press release

There's been another series 3 press release from Salter.
October 6th 1999
Series 2 video inlays

I've now got copies of the inlays for the series 2 videos 2.1 and 2.2. You can see them, as before, in the video section, in a new section for series 2. You can also download (or view) larger, higher quality pictures from here (see instructions below):
Volume 2.1 (Mantrid & Terminal) Volume 2.2 (Lyekka & Luvliner)
October 5th 1999
Series 2 videos out in UK

The first two series 2 video are out in the UK as of yesterday. I have some information on them from Contender:

The first 2 videos in Lexx series 2 are out now, comprising:

Lexx 2.1 Mantrid
Lexx 2.2
(Certificate 18!)
Both volumes also include a 12 minute "making of Lexx 2" mini documentary.
They are also available in a 2 for 20 promotion in some retailers.

NB 2.3 and 2.4 will be out on 27th December!

October 3rd 1999
Series 2 in US! (at last)

US Lexxians finally get to see the 2nd series of Lexx! It has been bought by Sci Fi Channel (US) with an option for the 3rd series also, you can read the complete complete report here.

Lexx nominated for Gemini Award!

The Lexx episode "The Net" has been nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Visual Effects. Again the report can be read here (right at the the bottom).

September 29th 1999
Series 3 news!

I have heard quite a few interesting tidbits about the 3rd series of Lexx, especially since the Halifax Unconvention. I could gather them all together here, but for one thing, I can't be bothered and for another, it's already been done better than I could anyway in the Series 3 News section of Emerald's Lexx Directory

Series 2 videos

The first two videos of series 2 (episodes 2.1-2.4) are due to be released in the UK on October 4th. They can be ordered online here, from Benson's World of Home Entertainment.

September 1st 1999
Lexx videos hit UK instore charts!

I walked into Cardiff HMV to see if the Lexx videos were finally on sale somewhere in Cardiff... and found Videos 1.3 & 1.4 (Eating Pattern and Gigashadow) at position 7 in the HMV chart! MVC were out of stock (which is a pity as you can get money off with an MVC card), and Virgin had all 4 Lexx movies at position 3! Don't forget that you can view the inlays here.

Online Lexx merchandise store now open

You can now buy Lexx merchandise over the web from the new online store at Salter Street's web site. This link takes you direct to the Lexx section.

Pics and reports from the Halifax Unconvention

There are several pages up containing reports and photos from the Lexx Unconvention in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Rather than list them all here, you can visit the Uncon pages at Sadgeezer's Guide which is kept up to date.

July 23rd 1999
Lexx on SciFi

The UK SciFi Channel will be showing the Lexx movies again, but this time full length rather than split into two episodes. They will then (most probably) play series 2 again in preparation for showing series 3. This will probably air in the UK early next year.
The transmission dates are:

Thu, August 5   22.00     LEXX: I WORSHIP HIS SHADOW
Thu, August 12  22.00     LEXX: SUPER NOVA
Thu, August 19  22.00     LEXX: EATING PATTERN
Thu, August 26  22.00     LEXX: THE GIGA SHADOW

(This may be the last update for a while as I will be away for most of the next month. I will however be posting my photos from the London signing as soon as I can when I have them.)

July 21st 1999
Series three news from Salter
13 one hours of the sci-fi cult series Lexx for CHUM Television ,which moves into Electropolis Studios July 19th until December 31st.  Filming will also take place in Germany and on location in Namibia.  The third season of Lexx marks a change in the story telling style.  Stan, Xev and Kai spend the entire thirteen episodes on two planets "Fire" and "Water" that share the same atmosphere and have been at war with each other forever.  What seems like a small local struggle is of course much more and our heroes naturally cause far more problems than they solve, both for themselves, the two planets and the only surviving universe, the Dark Zone.  Pre-sales partners are Channel 5 (U.K.) Sci-Fi Channel Europe and Canal Plus (France).

You can read the full original report here.

Latest video inlays

I now have the video sleeve graphics for Lexx 3.0 & 4.0 on my inlays page. These originals were lower quality than the last set, but at least they are smaller! They also show the actual complete sleeve, rather than just the front cover graphics. The reason that there are two files for each video is that these covers are from the double-sided special edition videos - if you look closely you can see the place holder for the number. (Also notice that Contender have renumbered the movies from 1.0, 2.0... to 1.1, 1.2... which actually makes more sense given that the second series is numbered 2.1, 2.2...)

(Sorry this is late... you've probably read it all elsewhere already, but I've been busy and the computer was down for a week...)

June 16th 1999
Lexx Video Inlays

I have received images of the inlay sleeves for the first two Lexx movie videos. The files are high quality & high resolution so are therefore rather large (~250KB). They can be downloaded by right clicking on the links and selecting 'save target as' or 'save link as' depending on whether you are using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. I am having trouble getting these to work, so if you have trouble, let me know. I have now tried adding mirrors of these files at another site to see if this helps.
1.1 I worship His Shadow Landscape/Mirror/Mirror
1.2 Supernova Landscape/Mirror/Mirror
It is also possible to view thumbnail pictures and lower quality copies of these images online by clicking here.
June 15th 1999
Exiting news for UK Lexxians!

The big news at the moment is that Brian Downey (Stan), Michael McManus (Kai) and Xenia Seeburg (Xev) will be coming to a PA/Signing event in the New Oxford Street Forbidden Planet in London, UK. The date has now been confirmed as June 23rd, at 12:45pm. The videos for the first two Lexx movies (1.1: I Worship His Shadow & 1.2: Supernova, uncut!) will be available here, which otherwise won't be available till July 5th. Prices will be £12.99 each (previously £14.99) or £20 for both together. The first 5000 are limited edition and include a merchandise offer, and posters may be available to be signed. The last two films are due to be released in August, and there's a possibility of seeing the first two episodes of the series in October.

Most of this information came from a bulk email sent out from Contender video (the nice people who are releasing the videos in the UK) to UK bored members, and the text of this is available for reading here. If possible, I will be publishing copies of the video inlay sleeves here, so check back.

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