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April 25th 2000
Lexx Movies on Sci-Fi US

Just in from the US Sci-Fi Channel:

SCI FI To Air Lexx Movies

SCI FI has bought the rights to Tales from a Parallel Universe, the four feature-length SF films that were the basis of the SCI FI series Lexx. SCI FI will air the four films nightly from August 7 to 10, leading up to the first-season finale of Lexx on August 11 at 10 p.m. ET.

Tales from a Parallel Universe follows a group of misfit characters who have inadvertently stolen the most powerful weapon of destruction ever made, a Manhattan-sized, sentient, genetically modified insectoid starship named Lexx.

April 10th 2000
Canadian Lexx Videos

Salter Street have annouced that the media company KOCH International have aquired the Canadian video rights to all three seasons of Lexx so US and Canadian Lexxians should soon be able to purchase NTSC videos at a normal price and region 1 DVDs.
For more information see the relevant Salter Street press release

April 8th 2000
Uncon 2000

Following the success of last years Lexx Unconvention, there will be a repeat event this year between August 11th and 13th at Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), the home of Lexx. Unfortunately unlike last year there will be no filming during the event but it will still be a great opporunity to get together with other like-minded people and possibly meet some of the cast and crew living in Hali.
For further information see Rachel's Uncon Page.

Canadian Series 3 premier

Series 3 of Lexx will finally air in the country of it's creation on Space from the 10th of April at 9pm ET. Air dates for terrestrial networks are not yet released. (For full schedule see the Heretic's Guide)
For more information see Salter's press release

Series 4?

It has not yet been comfirmed whether or not there will be a series 4 of Lexx, but it is not on the production slate for 2000. Paul Donovan has stated that series 4 would be the last series, and whether or not filming goes ahead largely depends on how well Lexx does in the US, where series 2 is currently showing on the Sci-Fi channel. Despite the mixed response recieved at first there it appers to be doing well, especially as Sci-Fi has already bought series 3 (see here for more information).
For more informattion see Salter's press release

Febuary 7th 2000
Bean Chat

For all those of you who either missed the bean chat after the premier of Lexx series 3 on the 6th or simply had trouble following it, I have prepared an edited version of the complete log. The decisions about what to keep, what to chuck and what order to arrange events in is somewhat subjective, so if I have got anything wrong or have offended anyone by missing bits out I apologise in advance.
See my edited log here. Righty (Lex Gigeroff) is speaking for Paul Donovon and Michael McManus who were all at his house in Halifax. The chat was hosted at bored.lexx.com by the #Lexx ops and Sci-Fi_UK from the UK Sci-Fi Channel, due to the unfortunate failure of the chat room at the Sci-Fi site shorly before the session was due to start.

See alternative accounts here:

January 27th 2000
Return of the Lexx Archive!

Yes, the Lexx Archive, that essential source of all things Lexx has returned so all those people whose pestered me for Brigadom MP3s (you know who you are) now know where to go:)

January 24th 2000
UK Series 3 Update

From the new UK SciFi Channel BBoard:

The first episode of Season Three of Lexx will premiere on Sci·Fi on Sunday 6th February at 10:00pm. Following this at 11:00pm will be a live chat with Lexx creators Paul Donovan and Lex Gigeroff. Check into the Forum section of this site where the chat will be hosted (more details soon when the chat software has been added to the site).
Also, check out the Lexx page in our Series section for teaser synopses of Season 3.

January 12th 2000
Xenia in Total Recall 2070

Xenia Seeberg will be starring in the episode of Total Recall 2070 which is due to air on the 26th of January in the UK on Sky 1. The episode is #18 and is titled 'Assessment'.
Note that I'm not certain about this date since the TV Times said that there was an episode on tonight after Stargate, but all I can find is Boy Zone...

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